>Mongo – Continued One More Time

>So I’ve done some research and my fears are correct.  In order for me to use an ISP with Mongo, I’d have to get a virtual server.  And, the cheaper virtual servers are out because those won’t let you install software. 

This means Mongo has become a fun experiment for now and it’s back to SQL Server I go.  I will have to remember to look into Mongo and the other non-SQL database options again in a few months to see how things have changed.

>Mongo, Cont’d

>So I’ve been playing with Mongo and I’ve got a nice generic wrapper to convert objects to Mongo Documents and visa versa.  It works pretty well and performance continues to be very good.

And I’ve got an idea for a site that I think will work very well with a Mongo back end.  I am a little concerned about using Mongo though; hosting could be an issue.  I know a virtual server/host would work well but those aren’t as cheap as “standard” ASP.NET hosting.  And since I don’t think my site idea would generate much money (except in my dreams 😉 ), an expensive virtual server is something I’d rather not do.

So now I’m trying to decide if I go forward with Mongo or if I fall back to SQL Server for this site idea.  Oi.