>Resumes & the Job Search

>Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, I found out my current employer is closing it’s doors at the end of the year. So yesterday I got to go to outplacement training offered by my employer. I want to be fully prepared to start a job search and thought this training could help. I have to admit though, I wasn’t looking forward to it. The training was scheduled for a full day and I didn’t know how much I would get out of it. Ultimately I decided to go since I thought my resume could stand some improvement.

Now, I am very happy I went. Things have changed a lot in the world of resumes and job applications since I did my last job search. I also now believe my resume needed more work than I thought. In fact, I don’t think my resume would have gotten me past the first hurdle for most jobs.
All I can say is that if you are laid off or looking for a job for any reason, get some up-to-date help on putting a resume together. What I thought I knew about job searching and what I had found on the web hadn’t really prepared me for what I learned from the training. And right now, I’m thinking that the training was correct.