>I’ve started to look at some of the NoSQL databases that are being talked about a lot.  I decided to start by playing with Mongo, using the c# driver posted by samus (Mongo c# driver) on github.

So far, it’s pretty interesting.  I’ve done some basic performance testing and it is pretty fast; seemingly better than the SQL Server I’m used to.  And that’s with no performance work and not worrying about it.  Granted by databases aren’t big yet but still.  For it to be fast with me not understanding the product that fully yet is pretty good.

Plus, creating databases and collections in the store is easy.  You just reference them and they are created.  I wish SQL Server had a way of letting the request create the data.  That would  be a nice feature to add though I can just imaging the number of problems that would create in performance and data management.

I do wish the driver would take either a JSON formatted string to populate the document or that it would use reflection to populate the document.  And then do the opposite to get the database stuff back into the model. Ah well, I know what I’ll be working on next with this.

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