>I’ve started creating my first ASP.NET MVC project and I have to say, I’m enjoying it quite a bit.  The ease with which you can work in testing and the power built in are pretty cool features.  And, having the jquery “built-in” is nice. 

I’d say my favorite features are:

  1. Not having the page bloat you get with web forms and view state.
  2. Not having the complications of adding fancy “ajaxy” features if you don’t want to use the overhead of update panels.
  3. Not having to deal with the headaches of View State and Ajax is really nice.

I’m impressed how easy it was to pick up and how some of the features were implemented.  I really like the way that did the data binding to the models.  It’s easily customized but works well right-out of the box.  And, adding things like the MS AntiXSS library to help prevent cross site scripting attacks is sweet.  And since I’ve been doing a lot of CSS based design previously, formatting the pages is not any more of a challenge than it was with web forms.

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