The Case for Refactoring

In my career as a programmer, I have done a lot of maintenance development. Some of that maintenance was on what are referred to as “legacy systems”. For those who don’t know, a legacy system is an application that is

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Feedback – Don’t Overlook It

One of the biggest advantages of agile development is the constant feedback built into the process. It is built into every step: Developers give feedback to BA’s QA’s/Testers give feedback to BA’s and Developers Customers/Business Users give feedback to the

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Reflecting on How Programming Has Changed

My birthday was a few weeks ago. That got me nostalgic and I started thinking about how much has changed since I started programming nearly 25 years ago at Arthur Andersen. I also realized that many things really haven’t changed.

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Comparing Android and Apple iOS

I’ve had an Android phone for nearly three years now. A few days ago, I bought an iPad. I can’t help but compare them when I use them. So I thought I’d write an article on the differences I see.

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Epsilon Security Breach

Since my last post on the Epsilon Security Breach, the impact of the Epsilon security breach has gotten bigger. In fact, in an article posted on Yahoo news, a Reuters news writer stated: In what could be one of the

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Security Has to Be Job #1

It’s been a busy week for security administrators. First, the Lizamoon attack last week. Then, data was stolen from Epsilon. LizaMoon Attack I first started reading about Lizamoon last Friday (4/1/2011). I was wondering if it was an April Fool’s

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>c# and Brackets

>c# uses a lot of brackets. But there are times when you don’t need brackets; specifically when you only have one statement to execute in the loop/if statement. You have to use brackets when you have multiple statements inside the

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